"Weddings are dope"



Because good things are worth remembering (with video!)

More than 8 years ago, our story started; it was quite a journey. The shortest version is: we dated, broke up, dated again, and did the whole long distance thing. Looking back, we cherish all of those seasons. But now that we're here, we love finally being MARRIED! It is the the most wonderful gift either of us has received. It's not always easy, but it is so worth it. And while we only been married for over 4 full years, (9/15/2019💍) what we've learned so far has pointed to one thing: Celebrate every little moment you can, because if you don't, it's easy to be really hard on yourself (and your spouse!)



And in our experience, the journey to planning a wedding is busy, complicated, and sometimes full of stressful roadblocks. There is a lot going on in that one day! That said, there are always guideposts—little moments—that remind you what a wonderful season you’re in. Because you are in a wonderful season. There are countless blessings all around you. We love to notice those. Our films help you celebrate and remember the pinnacle of what you’ve planned for and worked toward—your wedding day. That day is everything good in your life, coming together all at once. And that’s why we truly believe in the reminder and celebration of Everything Good.

We'll be honest: there are many different wedding filmmakers out there that would love to film your wedding. We think it's important to like your videographer—you'll probably spend most of your day with them! We think you'll like hanging out with us. Here are some things that we think make us unique:



We love hanging out with people. That means when we're at a wedding, we strive to get along with the DJ, photographer, your wedding party, and of course, you. Weddings should be fun—and they go so much smoother when everyone has fun together!


We are flexible with our time and resources. Our goal is to be avaliable to you—both before and after the wedding. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal and happy to explain anything and everything!


Our films are full of small moments and unique touches. We love adding textures, sounds, and other elements to our films so you can feel and hear how your day went, not just see it.

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To make a film that is truly about you, we have the honor of getting to know you both. That's why we stay in touch with you, iron out details; to make sure you feel confident in what you are getting from us.

There are many creative filmmakers out there. We aren't here to convince you that we are better than others, but instead, we want to work with couples that value a wedding film and want to celebrate everything good. We hope that describes you!

Remember everything.