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Wedding videography to celebrate everything good.

Your wedding day is everything good. And our wedding videography can capture it.

We specialize in wedding videography for any kind of wedding, in the greater Minneapolis-St Paul area. Everything Good Film Co can capture each beautiful moment on video, and give you a lifelong, living memory of everything good about one of your best days. A wedding film is a heirloom quality gift for everyone who wants to relive your wedding day in vivid detail.



Wedding video to celebrate what is good; in love & life.

In our experience, the journey to planning a wedding is busy, complicated, and sometimes full of stressful roadblocks. That said, there are always guideposts that remind you what a wonderful season you’re in. Because you are in a wonderful season. Take a minute and reflect; there are countless blessings all around you. Our films help you celebrate and remember the pinnacle of what you’ve planned for worked toward—your wedding day. And that’s why we truly believe in the reminder and celebration of Everything Good.


Why should I get a wedding film?


Of the many reasons, the number one that we hear is a variation of: "I'm so glad I'm able to remember the memories I didn't know I'd forget". Video celebrates the in-between moments and the words that might be unexpected—so much goes on during your wedding day, watching your wedding film is literally like reliving it. What are some other reasons? Email us and we could talk for hours (note from Josh: "I definitely could!")

How long will it take to get my film?


Our standard videography delivery time is 12-16 weeks. That said, we offer an expedited delivery because it's fun to see your wedding video as soon as possible—who wants to wait?! We're able to deliver the film faster if you're interested; just send a message and we can give you the details!

Do you offer photo & video?


We don't personally handle photographing weddings. We want to hone and develop our craft of shooting video and all the nuances that come with it. However, we do have a photographer that we work with and LOVE. You can find more on our Investment page.

What do your packages start at?


A ceremony-only edit starts at $1800 – like the description, this is a film of just your ceremony. Our Highlight Film packages start at $3200, is filled with details all throughout your wedding day, and we have many additional wedding video add-on options available to make sure you don’t miss what is most important to you. We want this to be something you're proud of, so we're flexible and can create a custom package that works best for you and your partner. Payment plans are an available on a case-by-case basis. Let's work something out!

Do you have travel fees?


We don't charge travel fees for weddings booked within approximately 90 miles of Minneapolis, MN. UT, AZ, CO, ID, WY, MT, WA, OR, NV, CA, and MN. If you’re out of those areas, no problem! Travel fees are usually reasonable because we encourage beautiful destinations ✈️

How do I lock in our wedding date?


Easy! Send us a message to see if your date is available. Then—with the submission of a retainer payment—your date will be locked in and we can begin planning the celebration 🎉

Can I pick the music for my film?


We'd love your input on what songs make you move 💃 Due to copy write laws and other less-than-fun legal stuff, we use music from specific sources. Luckily, we have accesses to the same licenses that Nike, Apple, and Netflix do. It's likely we can work together on music that you groove to. Let's collab!

"From the beginning they made the process so easy for us!"


Grace & Timmy

"Josh and David were THE BEST to work with! From the beginning they made the process so easy for us. They captured every part of our day so well and made everyone feel comfortable. Constant communication and professionalism! 10/10 would recommend."

"Having our vows is something we will cherish and look back on."


Maci & Josh

"We loved our video, there were so many great clips in there that summarized our day with our loved ones. He also put some audio in which we loved. I recommend asking for your vows to be recorded and being specific with what audio you would like in your videos (vows, speeches, etc.) so they know what you want. Having our vows is something we will cherish and look back on a lot and every couple should get theirs recorded, especially if they are individually written.

"Brings tears to my eyes."


Grace & Abram

"This is amazing. Thank you so so so so much for capturing these wonderful moments!! We are both so thankful for you taking the time to work on this for us. We really really appreciate it! And it turned out so wonderfully. Just watched the video again. Brings tears to my eyes. Thanks so much."

Relive the emotions. Hear the sounds.